"The road up and the
road down are one and
the same."

c.540 - c.480 BC

About Us

We at Arrow Asset Management are passionate about property. It is the sole focus of our business and we specialise in maximising property values for all our clients.

Each client has their own set of objectives, their own set of circumstances, their own reason for investing and their own specific goals, and so it stands to reason that no two portfolios are ever alike. That’s why we take nothing as a given and instead assess each investment from the ground up, taking care to fully understand your vision at the outset so we can assemble the team that’s right for you and your investment goals.

Rather than having to deal with many different companies, we provide all the services needed to cover every step of a project in-house. For example, our team of experienced quantity surveyors are members of the industry body The Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland (SCS) and will manage the entire project, covering everything from cost planning and procurement advice to risk management and asset capitalisation. Our financial management system is designed to be transparent. Utilising cutting-edge technology with robust and trusted IT systems, we provide a secure way to track your project, with all information readily available at the touch of button.

It’s not just our highly-skilled individuals that set us apart; our real strength lies in how we work together. We believe in the power of bringing together a hand-picked team that can use its combined skillset to benefit your unique circumstances and ensure you get the most from your investment.

Ireland is a small country with significant potential. The Arrow Asset Management team have been working in the business for over twenty years and so our areas of expertise and knowledge are comprehensive at local, national and international level.

It is important to recognise that Ireland is vulnerable to international events and a macro view of the environment within which your investment operates is critical, especially in such an open economy.

Changes in interest rates, bond holder behaviour, investor confidence, and competing new investment options can all impact the performance of the Irish economy. Our experience and expertise allows us to prepare and plan for different eventualities and manage their impact on your investment.

At a national level, Arrow Asset Management is adept at interpreting the impact of movements in Irish economic policy and legislation. We keep a watching brief because we know that even small changes can have an effect on the financial outcome of any investment.

At a local level we deliver an unparalleled level of insight that is borne out of our on-the-ground expertise in legal and building matters. Being able to draw on our in-depth local knowledge such as rights-of-way, existing contracts and agreements, and historic precedent means that we are equipped to recognise a property’s true value, minimising your exposure to risks that others may have overlooked or not even been aware of.

We have the manpower, the local expertise and the desire to be on-site and physically managing your assets. Nothing beats being on-the-ground because to manage an asset you must be prepared to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty. We believe that there is no substitute for direct, hands-on project management regardless of the scale of the portfolio or its location.

Irish Property Values

It’s no secret Irish property values have experienced severe swings in recent years. But when you look at the bigger picture, property remains constant over time, reflecting the inherent value of physical holdings. Your investment decisions may be driven by more immediate demands including entry and exit strategies and refinancing solutions.

The good news is that Irish property market values are growing and the residential, commercial and hospitality sectors have been steadily rising. This growth has been driven by international capital and a new awareness of the opportunity for good returns on investment in Irish property. At the same time, Irish property portfolio owners and their financing partners now have an exit opportunity with a better way to restructure their financial scenarios, improving the ratio of capital value to portfolio debt.

Irish Insight

Arrow Asset Management has the on-the-ground insight and experience to make sure your new Irish investment opportunities are identified and quantified at the audit stage and then capitalised upon through a rigorous management and negotiation process. As your property asset manager we can assess the complete potential of a portfolio in order to maximise its value. Critically, we understand this potential depends on more than simple financial assessments. We recognise and quantify the qualitative elements that make up an essential part of your portfolio’s value.

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